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What are the Benefits or Advantages of Horizontal Directional Drilling?

1. Environmental – Directional drilling results in a reduced impact to surrounding trees and flora, resulting in no disruption to sensitive areas. Entry and exit holes can be moved as required to ensure there is no major environmental impact. It will also reduce the chance of any soil contamination issues impacting your project as there is little displacement of surface soil.

2. Reduced Total Project Costs – Horizontal Directional drilling results in Increased installation speed; reduced soil displacement; reduced environmental issues; reduced equipment and reduced manpower. End result – faster projects and reduced total project costs.

3. Reduced disruption – where the area is heavily congested and cannot tolerate the significant interruption caused by open cut excavation, Horizontal Directional Drilling can provide a simplified and fast result. The need to move and replace tonnes of soil is also minimised as is the need to move significant soil quantities off site- resulting in reduced costs.

4. Speed of Installation – up to 200 metres of pipe installation can be completed in a day in suitable soil conditions, with little impact to the surface area.

5. Simplicity & Durability of Installation – Pipe installation can be completed in minimum lengths of 100 metres resulting in reduced joints, installation complexity and improved durability.

6. Site flexibility - Horizontal Directional drilling allows your installation path to be easily changed where other services are located in your path. Your drill path can be easily lowered where utilities such as water or gas are in your path.

7. Avoid the need for permits - Horizontal Directional drilling allows for road openings and encroaching on no go areas around critical services to be avoided. This removes the need for applying for additional permits, helping to reduce the complexity of your project and speed up installation.

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