Hyrdo Excavation/Non Destructive Digging

What is Non-Destructive Digging?


Non Destructive Digging techniques (also referred to as hydro excavation, hyrdro vacuum excavation and non destructive excavation) uses high pressure water to loosen and liquefy soil. In conjunction with high pressure water, a high-flow vacuum system is used to extract the material from the dig site which is then deposited into a waste tank on a support vehicle.


This technique helps to keep the job site clean and free of debris and unnecessary soils.


Unlike backhoes, augers and trenchers, this method virtually eliminates the risk of damaging buried pipelines, cables, utilities and other underground structures while digging.


The process also requires less back fill, labour, restoration and has less environmental impact than traditional techniques.


Because of its speed, safety and accuracy, Hydro Excavation has quickly become a preferred dig method in many industries.



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